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Mr VK Bajaj, Chief Operations Officer,
Cables Division, Mumbai

“The person you are working with must accept you as a leader. One is a position. From a position, you tell people, you do this and that. A leader is when that person accepts you as a leader.

That means if you are providing solutions, if you are helping him, if he is moving forward, he feels obliged that he has been helped. Then, his acceptance of you as a leader is really great.”

Meet our people

A small conductors company was born in in 1958. By 2020, it transformed into a $1 billion conglomerate leading the innovation and sustainability curve globally in it’s core businesses.

In 1958, an independent India was in the process of electrification. In this process, a visionary saw a tremendous opportunity. Our founder, the late Shri Dharamsinh D. Desai founded APAR Industries (originally called Power Cables Pvt. Ltd) This small company began manufacturing power transmission conductors. We started with a capital of less than Rs. 1 lakh. His vision was APAR. Here’s how the business looks today.

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